2002 GSXR 600 ebay fairing review

Hey hello everyone I bought this gxx or 600 got it for a pretty good price the only thing is is that the previous owner dropped it and the drop cause it to have fairing damage on the right side of the bike so all of these are cracked scraped this chips broken here and the faring cracks over here so it’s not horrific but and there’s a lot of like cracks and breaks because of the fall so my option was to leave it like that or buy new plastic the side feelings along with the till in the original color scheme was five hundred dollars by itself it was very expensive then to buy the other thing windscreens buying everything apart is going to run me some cash so I went and tried the eBay fairing again this is injected molding on one of my last article,2006 gsxr 600 fairings, I tried compress molding which was garbage so I’m gonna give a review on how the injected molded look if you ever plan on buying aftermarket bearings from the Chinese companies.

I don’t have that the sellers name with you right now but I’ll put it in the description but so far packing UI looks pretty good no issues or concerns no major damage to the box but again that will be the shipping company not them but they look like they did a decent job from looking at it on the exterior part okay opening the package I’m familiar with the packing field and shipping the field I could tell you this is not a good package job any impact this box would have taken whatever damage the plastic you need at least two inch of cushioning around items when you ship them out in the shipping the process like UPS FEDEX the post office so so far the packaging is not that good for what this is you may wanna consider if you order stuff like this on to the shipping field they could get damaged because this is potentials for damage okay this is the plastic unwrapped on the floor and it looked like it came with everything ,gsxr 600 fairings,I need to make the bike complete quality wise the paint job is incredible quality wise on man I don’t know if the camera is picking it up but the paint job is superb you you don’t see any imperfections or anything the gloss the glass is incredible so very satisfied with the quality of the fairings right now for injected molded well it looks like om stuff these Asian companies really step their game up all right I’m gonna put it on the bike now because the only thing left to see is the fit is as good as how it looks right now everything on the bike fits the way it needs to so hopefully there’s no distortion of any metal it’s going to give a problem with it but great quality workmanship do anything I was supposed to get for free gifts I’m supposed to get for free gifts it look like I got three they accidentally gave me an extra tank on gas cover and I was supposed to get like a valve light or something but again that’s not a big deal it’s not a big deal at all this right here is the interfering parts .

which I might use the originals depending which ones look better but quality wise top-notch all right here’s an updated video of the bike complete with the aftermarket plastic this is injected molded compared to a composite molding and though it looks very good I am impressed with this D bayonne plastic compared to my last experience with composite molding the injected molded everything basically fit as it should have I would say from one to ten I give it a 9.5 exactly as a shoe the only imperfections I saw is right here the plastic did not fit perfectly flush on the screen which is so minor no one would ever notice that unless I point it out and over here did not meet a hundred percent flush which again no one would ever notice this unless.

I pointed it out those are the only two areas that did not fit a hundred percent on the bike and again you would never be able to see these things unless I pointed it out this this plastic was worth the money,cheap motorcycle fairings, I think four hundred sixty-five dollars with shipping and you get a bike that looked like it came out the showroom floor worth every penny if you have a bike that few years old looks beat up you could bring it right back to life to look incredible