hey guys popping Jacques Slade here back  with another unboxing and today I have a  shoe that I almost wasn’t going to a box  for you guys I was literally like nah  I’m not gonna share this with them I’m  just gonna keep this one in my personal  collection but then I started thinking  about the two I started thinking about  the man behind the shoe and some stories  about the man behind the shoe and I was  like no you have to share that we have  to share that with your audience to give  them perspective on things and so they  have a better idea and makes them more  well-rounded as a sneakerhead giving  some information that they may not  necessarily have had so with that being  said let’s get right to it as you can  see this is the air jordan one box and  there’s the air jordan one shoe inside  ,cheap jordan shoes,but it’s not necessarily the shoe that  i’m here to talk to you about I mean  let’s take a look at the shoe but this  is the Air Jordan one  now this is the updated version of the  shoe so this is the climate version of  the Air Jordan one this colorway in  particular is called the shadow colorway  of the Air Jordan one so let’s pull  these out put box give you guys a nice  good look at those just a really great  looking shoe but beyond the shoe I was  thinking about Michael Jordan when I was  gonna do this unboxing I was like what  am I gonna talk to my audience about  with this shoe because they’ve seen the  air jordan one before so I thought about  Michael Jordan’s rookie year and I was  like oh you have to tell them about that  because most people don’t even know  about that so a couple of things about  Jordans rook here first of all he was  the third pick in the draft which I  believe most of you guys know already  but his team hadn’t gone to the playoffs  that should call the pools they hadn’t  been to the playoffs since 1981 so in  1984 or 85 when Jordan joined the team  that was the first time that had been to  the playoffs in three or four years  again something that’s attributed to  Michael Jordan that year he averaged  like 28 points per game came in as a  rookie you know earning 28 points per  game he won Rookie of the Year which is  obviously a big deal as always but one  of the more interesting things about  Jordans rookie year when he wore the Air  Jordan 1.

which  actually he didn’t start wearing the Air  Jordan one he start wearing the Nike  airship which is the shoe that many  believe that Jordan actually banned what  that night that the NBA actually banned  but we’ll talk about that one in another  video the big story about his rookie  year is the NBA all-star game  so as you guys know the NBA all-star  game is coming up it’s gonna be here in  Los Angeles and the game happens every  year  so during Jordan’s rookie year he made  it to the NBA all-star game but not only  did he make it to the NBA all-star game .

he was a starter for the NBA all-star  game as a rookie and he was voted in by  the fans he quickly became a fan  favorite during his first season in the  NBA but even more than that it would be  awesome yeah he made the all-star game  that’s awesome oh the fans voted him in  that’s awesome but something even more  than that was the response of the  veteran players in the game if you look  back at the stats for that all-star game  Jordan only scored 7 points now ,cheap jordans online,that’s  not a Jordan stat like you never hear  someone quoting the fact that Oh Jordan  had 7 points in a game that’s just not  something that you hear but there’s a  reason behind that and it wasn’t because  Jordan just didn’t play well during that  game from what I understand and the  stories that I’ve been told is that the  veteran players in the NBA were so upset  that Jordan was getting so much buzz and  that he was getting so much attention as  a rookie that they decided to freeze him  out of the game and basically they  didn’t pass him the ball a lot during  the game and that’s why he ended up with  only 7 points I want you to think about  that these veteran players from the  Eastern Conference many many people  actually blame Isaiah Thomas for this  that he was the leader and he was the  one that got them to freeze Jordan out  and not get the ball so think about that  as a rookie the people that you respect  and play with they decide not to give  you the ball how messed up is that it  just just blows my mind every time I  think about that story and you can see  why such a rivalry developed between  Jordan and players like Isiah Thomas and  all those other guys  there’s even a story further down the  line about Mike leaving are requesting  that Isaiah Thomas be left off of a  certain team that won a lot of games but  I’m not gonna mention that because I’m  not sure that that’s the actual case  anyway so definitely want to give you  guys a look at these this is the Air  Jordan 1.

this is the fly net version  originally designed by Peter Moore now  the original Air Jordan one was made in  like 20 different colorways and as you  guys know that trend of creating  different colorways of the Air Jordan  one continues to this day this time that  they’ve flipped the actual materials and  made it out of fly in I personally  really really like the fly that version  of the Air Jordan 1 I think they did a  really great job of replicating the look  and feel of the Air Jordan 1 from the  fly minute here at the toe box the way  that they doubled up on the fly here on  the material on the right here at the  toe the the swoosh looks really great  still the way they have the ankle here  and then the heel cup heel the heel cap  right here it just looks really great  it’s a really great reproduction of the  shoe and it’s a lightweight version of  the shoe  they kind of made this a premium version  of the Air Jordan one in the sense  because they added leather to the inside  they have leather insoles in here and  then they have the stretchy fly on here  to make sure that it’s breathable so the  whole tongue isn’t leather but they have  a leather tag here and then they have  the leather lining so they really I  guess almost like a upscaled version of  the jordan 1 using the fly knit as the I  guess as the impetus to make it a more  luxury or a more higher-end version of  the shoe and I think that’s kind of has  to do with the fashion aspect of it as  well the Air Jordan 1 is a big fashion  show you can pretty much wear with  anything from super dressy to super  dress down beat up to brand-new and the  Jordan one is just one of those shoes  that looks good regardless so I think  they did a good job with these big shout  out to the folks over at Jordan Brand  one for sending these over I appreciate  ,cheap jordan 11,you guys but also creating and designing  a shoe and making sure you don’t take  away from the history and the iconic  status of the year during the one that  could have very easily did this and made  the shoe look worse or just through  flighted on it and not really care how  true it was to the original but I think  they stay true to the original which is  a big deal for me and something that I  appreciate as a guy that really loves  the Air Jordan one anyway so with that  being said just wanted to give you guys  a little bit of history about the air  drone one that all-star game stories  just blows my mind every time I hear it  so I wanted to make sure that I shared  that with you guys this is the Air  Jordan one flying that this is the  shadow color weight so as always guys I  am Jacques Slade I appreciate you make  sure you stay tuned because I got some  good stuff coming up for you guys in the  next couple of days and I’ll see you  soon  peace.