UNBOXING Three of the BEST Air JORDAN Sneakers

y’all what’s poppin jobs right here back  with another unboxing I think I like it  that way instead of saying unboxing was  poppin I’m gonna say what’s poppin that  shops right here back with another  unboxing I like that I think imma stick  with it imma go two or three unboxings  with that sort of feel you guys let me  know what you think about anyway so got  a little something here for you guys  it’s from the folks out in Beaverton aka  Nike well I guess and since this  situation is actually during the email  be so they had a couple of things that  they wanted to send my way so this is  actually a more than one unboxing  because,cheap jordan 11, if I understood the email  correctly which I think I did because I  know how to read there are multiple  pairs inside this box so without further  ado let’s hop right in here and see what  we have from what I understand .

they are  it’s an exciting product in here that  Jordan brand is focusing on there you  want to introduce us to a few things  that they think that we are going to  like so we will be the judge of that  will be able to tell them whether or not  we like them I’ll I’ll make the  statement and say yes I like it or no I  don’t that’s how we do things around  here we keep it honest so let’s take a  look here oh and as they said there are  most prepares there are three pairs of  sneakers here in this box so let’s put  the Box down to start let’s see one two  three one let’s go to box number two,jordan 11 china, I  hadn’t started box number two and as you  can see this is your regular Jordan box  let’s see what’s inside the black with  the gold doesn’t have any tags on here  so I actually don’t know what it is I  just know that it is a size 11 and oh  here we go  so this is the new Jordan Super Fly for  those of you that have not seen this  shoe just yet and I’ve actually really  wanted to get a pair of these because  they have react cushioning.

I haven’t had  a pair of shoes that have the react  cushioning so I’ll actually get to try  that out so let’s take these out of  the box take a look here so this pair  actually has like a durable upper is  what I’m going to call it do a book I  believe that’s what this is on the upper  it’s not some secrets wait I think it’s  door busts they have a netted tongue has  Superfly right here on the tongue the  wrists down here is like a net mesh that  has Luna react on the insoles Jordan  Jumpman logo there and then they have  this pressure map all rubber outsole  honestly this is great for basketball  players that have a really nice rubber  outsole this feels a little think it’s a  little hard it feels just to the touch  sometimes the stuff is a little soft and  I would recommend playing in them  outside because it is so soft but this  looks like it has some durability to it  it’s actually a little a little tough  which will bode well for those that  actually play outside now the new react  cushioning is supposed to be softer and  more responsive than previous cushioning  that nike used such as lunar launch and  then they also have a shank plate in  here you can’t see it from the outside  but there’s a shank plate in here as  well it makes a chute a bit more  responsive for those that wear the  drawers 11 you may not know this but  there is also a carbon fiber shank plate  inside the Jordan 11 if you didn’t know  that these imagine these will do well on  the court Blake Griffin I believe Blake  still represents these although they  haven’t really been talking about it as  much they usually hi Blake in really  closely to the launch of the Superfly  but they didn’t do that for this year  and I’m not exactly sure why this  colorway is officially black black and  infra red 23 which is obviously the  color of this outsole but there’s no  more pops of color unless you look down  on the inside has a little bit of  cushioning here for your Achilles in the  nitrous what’s really cushioned here the  tongue really cushioned they’re a little  thin on the sides but the tongue has a  lot of cushioning and then they have  some backing here for your Achilles as  well but very very nice,cheap jordan shoes, thank you George  Rand appreciate that this is a superflat  2017 I believe the 2017 is technically  the Super Fly Buys I think I’m not sure  about that don’t quote  anyway Thank You Brad appreciate that  all right let’s see what’s into the  other boxes all right next up same  Jordan boxes this one actually has the  tag and this is actually a shoe that I’m  not completely familiar with I’ve heard  a little bit about it but I haven’t  really seen a lot of it and it is oh  this is a nice color I like this color  .

mmm this is the Jordan grind this is  Jordan Brand running shoes so if any of  you saw the article that I helped with  over at complex I spoke about Jordan  Brand and the the current state of  Jordan Brand a lot of people have a lot  of things to say about Jordan Brand  myself included and so I pitched in a  little bit to talk about my thoughts and  how I felt Jordan Brand could improve  and some of the things that they were  doing and I one of those things was  focusing on the future Jordan Brand does  a lot of things that focuses back to the  heritage in the past and this is one of  the things that I think they need to be  doing which is focusing on the future so  this is a Jordan Brand running shoe has  a bit of fuse it looks like a little  plastics use here at the toe and wrong  the heel but this is a running shoe does  it looks like there’s a little bit of  rubber here light touch of rubber here  but these are mostly for training and  for running so if you run this is  definitely a good look very New York  vibes with these I can see these showing  some love for the cats and something  that the captain would practice him if  you are a Jordan fan or a fan of the  Jordan Brand you can already look at  these until that this is inspired by the  Jordan 4 on the Jordan for the top  eyelids have that little triangle or our  trapezoid I should say at the top where  you tie the laces and they’ve  incorporated that same sort of style  here on the cage for the shoe but this  is pretty nice I believe this is cush  lawn foam or maybe it’s maybe it’s lunar  on it could be lunar on not exactly sure  but I like the way I like this Colette  and then obviously they have the cement  print cement or cement this depends on  how you say it I personally say cement  that’s because that’s the way I was  ready to say it so stop judging me in  the comments already but this is the  Jordan grind  I believe these oh these are actually up  so I told you I said oh these look like  a very Yankee colorway and that’s  because  they are at Yankee Calloway as you see  to have respect here on the heel for  Jeter which is very cool speaking of  that Jeter just bought into the Miami  Marlins a baseball team so that’s going  to be interesting big shout out to the  captain love the captain colorway of the  Jordan grind I believe these are like  115 on the site if you want to get  something for back-to-school that you  want to run in or something that you can  just slip on for school think this is  probably a good idea or something easy  to cop that you can wear with anything  all right so let’s move on to sneakers  number three and see what else George  Branson’s over all right we’re on the  last and the final box from the good  folks over at Jordan Brand this one ah  that’s one exactly a new shoe that I’m  starting to really really like I’m  getting a lot attention to this shoe and  the new colorway that they have so let’s  hop right into it regular Jordan paper  and there you go again I didn’t check on  this but I still think this is the first  Jordan shoe with actual sliders that the  recognizing the slider this is a Jordan  slide net trainer – and this colorway is  inspired by the Chicago and/or the  Jordan breakfast club as they call it  with the black and the red so the flight  in here goes all the way from the toe to  the heel this is obviously your trainer  shoes  has a nice rubber outsole here I believe  this is cush long  cushioning so how the velcro strap to  keep you locked in and then of course  they have the same fly wire wires that  keep you locked in from the laces and  keep the laces tight over your shoes and  then these also have zoom I believe it’s  only zoom in the forefoot I don’t think  they have a zoom in the heel I think  it’s just in the forefoot knees which is  fine for training you obviously want  more zoom or something like that when  you’re actually playing in the  performance shoes but for training I  think that’s absolutely fine something  that I missed on the last pair of jeans  at our box is that they have 23 in a  bump I guess you could call them or the  Rays arrays 23 here on the velcro straps.

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